We like Stories

In fact, we like them so much that we make them for your iPad.
Our favourite stories are ones that spark your imagination and teach you something about the world, or about yourself.

But enough of all this piffle and codswallop.
The best way to introduce ourselves is to show you

Our playbooks

Extraordinary Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones is a very unusual girl who sees the world in a completely different way – what others see as round, she sees as square…and the other way round!

“I love using tools that teach our kids about being extraordinary and using their imaginations!”
– Melissa Northway

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Idlezoo's A-Z of Curious Creatures

This wacky playbook brings the alphabet to life as it takes you on a journey through a mysterious menagerie, where the animals are acutely addicted to alliteration.

“The combination of repetitive phonetic provides a fun learning environment which helps to anchor the alphabet sounds and written shapes.” – Dr. Neil Reddy

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Monkeys In My Head

A dark and twisted tale about a girl called Pirouette and the rapscallion monkeys that live in her head.

“Featuring a distinctive art style that’s part “Where the Wild Things Are” and part Edward Gorey, this funny little book is totally eye-catching.” – Tapscape.com

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The Abominable Norman

Abominable Norman is a yeti with a small problem - he doesn’t know who, or what, he is. All alone in the Arctic snows, there’s no one to ask so Norman sets off to find out for himself. He meets many strange creatures - talking trees, tea-loving wolves, and a particularly pinchy crab - but none of them have the answer.

Come on a motion comic voyage of discovery to answer the ultimate question: Who Am I?

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