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We believe in partnerships

And in genuine relationships that stand the test of time.
Whether you are a client, an employee or a freelancer: we are with you for the long run.

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We are invested in your goals

Your success is our key metric. While we take great pride in creating beautiful content, it is even more important that our work delivers results.

We share your vision

We don’t just execute your transformation.
We can help you define it and plan all the steps it will take for us to get there, together.
We are agile.
We listen.
We respond.
Then we execute your vision.

We also complement your business with bespoke teams catering to your specific needs, spanning multiple disciplines and expertise across a global value chain.

We can achieve so much more together. But don't just take our word for it.

Paperplane really understand our needs. They are a powerhouse in terms of creating an authentic story. Good content connects both on rational and emotional perspective, and helps me think about something in a different way. I love working with you because you don't just demonstrate your ability to understand what we want to achieve from creative perspective, but also challenge us, unpack the idea and take it into a direction we haven’t really thought of and within the budget. What you produced for me was one of the greatest marketing videos we’ve had of all time.

Nicholas Kontopoulos, Head of Commercial DX Marketing

PaperplaneCo managed to make an often dry and technical topic human and accessible – this was a critical contribution to building political buy in and understanding across ASEAN countries to help be better prepared against climate shocks. Thank you for delivering everything to such high quality, often under last minute deadlines. The story you helped write, is what people remember.

Benedikt Signer, Strategy and Operations, Crisis and Disaster Risk Finance
World Bank

PaperplaneCo have helped my team create animated videos, product demos, showcases and a responsive web app on our products. They are my favorite vendor to work with. I've brought random requests, last minute requests, projects that have very little direction and they not only helped me execute but also added their own spin to make it 100% better than I had even envisioned. One time I just brought requirements that I was given, and they helped me figure out what I needed to do! Her team is so flexible to timezones. She is very quick to respond to email inquiries or is willing to jump on a call to hash out ideas and give recommendations. And she is SERIOUSLY the kindest, friendliest person I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Lisa James, Product Marketing Manager

With Paperplane its not a typical customer-supplier relationship. It’s mutually beneficial process with a lot of understanding and meeting of my actual needs. When other companies come to me they’re waiting for my brief and they execute it word by word – they’re being reactive. Paperplane is proactive, they do their research, they suggest new things, often unexpected things and they overdeliver. I see them as an authority in their field. They have a brilliant grasp of the FMCG market and knowledge of the most innovative ways to tell a story. Also they get the fast paced nature of my business and the industry we’re in and are able to deliver within very tight deadlines and on budget.

Desmond Lee, Co-Founder
FRESH Direct Pte Ltd

We believe in people

We are committed to celebrating diversity and in empowering individuals to live their best lives. By placing trust and excellence at the heart of what we do, we bring out the genius in all our collaborators.

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