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A creative agency relies on collaboration and innovation. So how does a firm like PaperplaneCo flourish with a fully remote workforce spread across multiple countries and time zones? PaperplaneCo was founded in Singapore in 2011, and quickly grew into a team spanning three continents. Ten years on, the agency works with global clients on a...

It’s true – food is our common language. Whether it’s sharing photos of our meals or baking confectionaries at home during the lockdown, each food-related message in our PPCO chat is met with excitement and awe, and maybe even some jealousy! Here, we take a look at some local favourites of Paperplane members all around…

How new technology is disrupting HR in 2020 Human Resources (HR) is rapidly changing because of culture, work types, business structures, and technology. Workload in HR teams is increasing with staff mobility and increasing quit-rates. And low unemployment rates are making it harder to acquire talent. As competitors use the latest tools, you’re more at...