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PV Man is the superhero we all needed

In a comic art style, this animated video makes pharmaceutical science accessible and explains what patients can do when they experience adverse events.

Created in partnership with Bayer, the PV Man video explains what adverse events are and why they matter.

The animation also dramatised this very real occurrence, encouraging viewers to get in touch with Bayer’s service and report their case. By turning a serious topic into an entertaining and accessible visual story, Bayer was able to create a new memory and association for viewers and patients. Global pharmaceutical company Bayer, takes pharmacovigilance very seriously, as it helps them understand their customers and comply with global regulations. But pharmacovigilance isn’t exactly an enticing topic for Bayer’s everyday customers.

PaperplaneCo combined a comic art style, retro style voiceover, and a “The Blob” style story to tell the story of adverse events in pharmaceuticals, why they’re dangerous, and why they should be reported. The video guided customers to call in and provide specific information on their cases.

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