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No two perspectives are equal

This physical installation was a visual representation of the vital role perspective plays in the interpretation of data.


noun, plural anamorphoses A distorted projection or drawing which appears normal when viewed from a particular point or with a suitable mirror or lens.

This anamorphic installation of objects may seem random at first sight, allowing the viewer to appreciate the pure aesthetic value of the piece, but finding the perfect viewing angle transforms the installation and reveals a hidden message. The key is perspective. We live in a world where where data, information, and ideas evolve at such a rapid pace that it can be overwhelming. Without the right lens, data is random and meaningless. Analytics offers the perspective we need to draw relevant insights, but meaning is only derived through interpretation, intelligence and analysis. Meaning connects all the different parts of your customer’s lives together, enabling you to apply those insights to make better decisions, in real-time, than ever before. Discover the hidden message by moving around the installation to discover the right angle or viewing the piece through the lens of your phone’s camera.

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