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A used-to-be Greek herald of the gods is now ‘Evri’

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Scandal-hit company attempts recovery by rebranding as customer centric

After a series of various scandals, like this one, that tainted the largest UK-based parcel delivery service Hermes’ reputation, the company decided to rebrand itself. With ‘Evri’ as its new name, a new commercial was released.

Source: The Times UK

The 60″ ad features a delivery man’s relationship with the household of an expecting mother and her husband. In the clip, we see him become a supporting player in the family’s life, each time he delivers a parcel. It ends with the slogan ‘Evri Delivery Made for You’.

The idyllic presentation of the service is far removed from the image of mishandled parcels that has so far dominated the media. The video is designed to reflect a new customer-centric business strategy, powered by technology and embedded in the community. Above all, it aims to show Evri as a business committed to a positive customer experience, injecting love into the delivery service.

Aligned to its growth strategy and expansion plans, the new brand campaign reveals a total revamp as Evri embarks on its mission to create positive and reliable delivery experiences for everyone, everywhere”. Its launch is coordinated with the rollout of the new Evri brand identity, CRM activity and PR launch to maximise the new brand’s visibility. The spot is planned to run for 6 months across TV, VOD, OOH, digital, online display, and social media, including an influencer campaign.

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