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A masterful delivery by an ICT company on how to market to enterprise clients.

At the end of 2019, to expand their engagement beyond IT management, Nutanix, the global cloud software company, launched CXO Focus.

It’s a high-level programme of exclusive content and events for C-suite executives looking for market-leading intelligence that they can use to drive business transformation.

Due to its extraordinary results, CXO Focus is now the cornerstone of Nutanix’s marketing activity.

At that time, Nutanix found itself competing for substantially bigger deals within largely siloed organizations. But to stand a better chance of winning those deals, it needed to raise brand awareness at C-Level earlier in the sales process – to instill confidence, knock down those silos and unlock budgets. 

Nutanix needed to elevate the role of IT in business – from functional to transformational—and for that, it needed to build relationships with people who shape the future of business: C-Level execs. Based on customer interviews, Nutanix built CXO Focus around four pillars, each designed to tackle an issue close to the hearts of executives. CXOs were identified to want to network with peers (Network), help their teams learn about cutting-edge technology (Learn), give advice within their industry (Advise) and contribute to society (Give Back).

Exclusive, engaging, and comprehensive content and events all focus on what target customers want, housed on a CXO Focus’ microsite. 

  • Thought Leadership: Innovative thought leaders provide inspiration via articles, blogs, infographics, presentations, and more.
  • Masterclass: Exclusive, invitation-only classes to learn how to anticipate and successfully address unexpected threats, mitigate the negative impacts of digital disruption, transform your organization, and elevate your career. 
  • Nutanix University: Accredited executive learning around digital disruption, in partnership with Columbia University Executive. 
  • The Cloud Counsel: Program for business technology leaders to gain actionable advice on business challenges and opportunities.
  • Women in Tech Leadership Exchange: Evaluation of the impact of role- and gender-based stereotypes in the workplace and meaningful series of conversations to solve everyday workplace challenges.
  • CXO Spotlights: Peer interviews to encourage networking and knowledge sharing. 
  • CIO Assessment Tool: A custom assessment to measure leadership maturity. 

A brand film is used to engage people on a more emotive level. Nutanix also partnered with community members to recommend and share the content to broaden brand awareness within their own networks.

As people engage with content, the Nutanix brand – and solutions to meet the CIO needs – are introduced. At the same time, engagement with the program continues to be built. For example, offering opportunities to build their personal brand through Columbia program mentorship, speaking slots, or CXO spotlight interviews.

CXO Focus now has a global audience, part of which is constituted by existing customers, but a large proportion is people that haven’t previously known Nutanix at all. 

Why it’s important: By forming a community of C-level executives around learning and knowledge-sharing, Nutanix was able to demonstrate that it understands their business challenges and how to address them.

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