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Navigating Trust in B2B Marketing

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Trust in B2B marketers is pivotal, yet there’s potential for growth, as highlighted by the Informa Tech 2023 Trust in Marketing Index. A critical area identified for improvement is the value derived from gated content.

A significant 71% of decision-makers express disappointment in the value of such content, with 23% often and 48% sometimes feeling this way. Historical data suggests that 48% of B2B buyers are somewhat willing to fill out a form if an asset is gated, 37% are very likely to complete the form for high-value content only, and 15% are unlikely to do so at all.

A recurring critique of B2B content is its generic nature. Detailed content emerges as a trust enhancer for B2B tech decision-makers, closely following content sourced from reputable publishers.

To fortify trust, B2B marketers are advised to incorporate case studies, offer up-to-date actionable data, and facilitate expert interactions.

Practices that can erode trust in a B2B brand include presenting outdated or repetitive content, leading communications with sales pitches, persistently advertising a product post-purchase or post-decision, and making unsolicited calls after content-related form submissions.


A staggering 95% of B2B tech decision-makers underscore the importance of accurate personal data for tailored communications. Furthermore, 41% of senior B2B tech professionals exchange their data for exclusive B2B insights monthly.

Yet, there’s apprehension about data sharing, especially concerning high-calibre B2B content. Predominant concerns include uncertainty about data usage and protection, excessive form fields, and challenges in ascertaining a company’s credibility.

B2B tech purchasers frequently read industry newsletters and partner websites, almost on par with B2B news outlets and social media platforms. Survey data suggests that top-tier marketing teams can capitalise on this by ramping up content creation, confident in its visibility. Participants in the survey consistently interacted with these channels:

To truly resonate with B2B decision-makers and boost brand trust, marketers must prioritise creating detailed, relevant content and uphold transparent data practices, ensuring every interaction adds value and fosters genuine engagement.


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