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Carefully executed SEO and content marketing strategy helped Zapier reach $140 million in annual recurring revenue.

Zapier, a tool for creating automated workflows and processes, is using their blog to position themselves as an authority in the conversation about software-as-a-service and productivity tools and apps. Being in that conversation allows decision-makers to discover how Zapier can improve the processes that use these tools and apps, increasing the likelihood that these companies will give Zapier a try.

Source: Zapier

The blog introduces readers to a wide range of reading material. The content targets entrepreneurs and productivity enthusiasts and is designed to achieve a number of different goals: use keywords to generate traffic and awareness, create product-led content that inspires readers to use Zapier and converts them into customers, provide thought leadership as well as culture content. On average, 2-3 posts are published every business day.

Source: Zapier Blog

The Learning Center is a landing page that houses Zapier’s lead magnets and 17 different e-books. The Zapier Updates page shares information about new integrations and new Zaps with existing integrations. Zapier University features several video courses on how to get the most out of Zapier along with a few featured videos. The website also has a hub of customer stories showcasing proven results that others have had with the product.

But most importantly, Zapier has created 25,000+ landing pages for its integrations. Each app has its own profile as well as a separate landing page for each available integration. These pages don’t have a lot of unique copy—instead, they share a quick how-to for setting up the Zap along with links to other popular Zaps and workflows. There are also landing pages that organise various zaps by job role.

Why it’s important: Zapier’s homepage alone has a traffic value of over half a million dollars. The website’s 7 top blog posts and the homepage see half a million monthly visitors. And nearly 50 million external websites from over 50 thousand different referring domains link back to

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