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You might want to stop using that MS Paint

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Graphic design platform Canva launched its first global brand campaign that highlights the creative success stories of its clients, large and small.

Canva’s new “What Will You Design Today?” campaign takes the viewer on a trip across the globe, from Bali to Paris and Sydney, following people who use Canva for all kinds of designs in all kinds of places.

Source: Canva

It begins with a shot of a young woman surrounded by lush green plants, designing something for a company called “Youthtopia” on a tablet. Turns out, that woman is Melati Wijsen, the founder of Youthtopia, a real-life community organisation for kids that want to make a change in the world. She’s also a real-life Canva user. Other up-and-coming business owners as well as notable Canva clients Zoom, the UNHCR and Fast Company, are then showcased using Canva. 

Source: Canva

By highlighting a diversity of clients Canva is positioning itself as a versatile and user-friendly platform. The campaign aims to inspire creativity and show Canva as a one-stop-shop for bringing a brand’s design goals to life. “Some say design is beyond most people’s reach,” the narrator of the TV spot says. “We say it’s already in your hands. So, what will you design today?”. 

The creative team chose the throwback song “Remember Me”, which, in 1997, topped the charts across the world, because they were looking for a song that connected people globally

The video spots airs in April in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia on linear TV, as well as across paid social and out-of-home (OOH).

Why it’s important: Canva put the people who actually use its product in this product’s ad.

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