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All hands on d…ata

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Tableau creates a humorous campaign designed to unite people around data to inspire collaboration and innovation.

Tableau, the leading analytics platform and a company, launched an integrated marketing campaign that playfully tells a story of how a small company can collaborate and grow by using Tableau.

A series of light-hearted videos brought to life the ‘All Hands on Data’ campaign as a rallying cry around data culture. The riff on ‘all hands on deck’ inspired a fun, maritime story about how everyone in a fishing company – from CEO to galley cook – can use data to make more informed, confident decisions. 

Most organisations want to be data-driven, but struggle to do it. Tableau wants its prospects to believe Tableau can help them achieve success by creating a data culture where everyone in an organization can see and understand the data they need. 

The production was non-traditional for the B2B world. It involved a charming, storybook world, crafting a mix of real-world sets and rear projection backgrounds to tell the larger-than-life story of a fishing company that went from ‘fishing hard to fishing smart’.

Rather than doing the typical corporate testimonials and use-cases, Tableau told the story of collaborating around data using humor and a little filmmaking magic. ‘All Hands on Data’ became a metaphor that speaks to the idea that everyone has a voice in the data conversation.

The advertising involved paid media on connected TV and online platforms. Also, a paid social campaign (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) was created based on a “Captain’s Log” that documents the surprising things that happen when the crew embraces data collaboration. The work drove the audience to Tableau’s dedicated ‘All Hands on Data’ landing page.

Why it’s important: The attention-grabbing campaign highlights a work culture built around data, shows it in action, and helps people visualise the benefits.

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