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Generative AI: Discovering the Future of Consumer Intelligence

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A New Era of Insight Discovery

Generative AI is revolutionising the way we understand and interact with consumer data. Let’s talk about how AI has evolved in marketing and how you can harness its full potential in the world of data … and day-to-day efficiency and creativity, too.

From Social Listening to AI-Driven Insights

Before the rise of Generative AI, social listening tools were the talk of the town. However, their effectiveness was limited by the data they could access. Platforms like X (formerly Twitter), offered more open data, while others like Facebook were more restrictive. This often led to skewed data, as highlighted by  Pew Research, which found that a small group of active users generated the majority of tweets.

Today, you don’t hear too much about social listening. Generative AI is here and it’s changing how organisations process data. Marketers can now tap into vast amounts of previously underutilised data, such as qualitative survey responses, to gain new insights in seconds. AI tools can identify recurring sentiments, emotions, perceptions, and experiences, breaking down data into actionable demographic insights. This enables more strategic and impactful marketing communications, from advertising campaigns to social media posts.

Dig Deeper with AI

Generative AI doesn’t just analyse existing data—it can also enhance the way businesses gather new data. Take surveys, for example. By identifying which survey questions have historically yielded the most valuable responses, AI can help refine future surveys for even richer insights. This level of detail allows organisations to focus on what truly matters: making strategic decisions that drive success.

These are just a few examples of how GenAI is changing the data game … but our team is even more interested in how it’s changing the way creatives work.

GenAI on the Creative Scene

While we aren’t analysing consumer data here at PaperplaneCo, we certainly have embraced GenAI. While we pride ourselves in delivering human storytelling, we also know learning and development has separated the greatest marketing agencies from the rest. From our team’s perspective, AI has provided time savings in administrative agency work, but even more exciting for us, AI has helped us make our wildest creative dreams come true in our designs. Some examples include:

  • More efficient meeting recording and note-taking, including tools that automatically extract summaries and action items
  • Proofreading for internal work
  • Providing a starting point for transactional communications
  • “Commissioning” out-of-this-world visuals for our keynote decks and e-book layouts

We’d love to hear how GenAI has changed your day-to-day work. How is it helping you process data, save time, or increase your creative output? Let us know.

Generative AI: Discovering the Future of Consumer Intelligence